Kinmundy Crematorium


We were contacted by Aberdeenshire Council to attend a design panel review and we were anxious to embrace any opportunity which may enhance the design.

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On arrival at the Reception area, clients will be presented with a feeling of space and light, promoting calm restfulness, whilst also feeling that the atrium environment offers a sense of occasion befitting to the memory of their loved one. The reception provides a focal point where visitors can access the "Book of Remembrance" and can make general enquires. A further consideration is the specific position where an overview of all public areas is possible where circulation can be monitored and security maintained.

The form of the light well is a representation of the Double Helix of DNA, a statement to the beginning of a new life - rather than the end of a life. It was to be a prominent feature to the front elevation and this could be developed further. The memorial wall within the east car park provides a private area on which personal plaques and memorials can be placed.

The hall has a seating capacity of 450, with lantern lights within the roof - providing natural light to the hall through an opened trussed vaulted ceiling. This leads the eye to the glazed bay to the end of the wall where the casket will rest on the catafalque.

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